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Progressive rock trio, Phantasm, has been well recognized all over the country for their ability to steal the attention from any crowd with their high energy, experimental take on live performing. While incorporating power tools, live looping, didgeridoo, and other auxiliary instruments into each set; Phantasm has created an intense, hard hitting, and outside of the box method for live entertainment.

Though the band now resides in Philadelphia; Phantasm had originally developed their fundamental sound while Clas a part of the Buffalo, New York music scene. As lyrically stated on their first EP from 2005. “From now on we’re doing things our own way.” Their music is fueled by powerful messages of acceptance, open mindedness and adventure taking chances, unafraid to go with or against the grain, depending on the moment. Musically, Phantasm is used to doing exactly what they want, they have stuck to this mantra for the past 12 years, and it has opened up a successful career for them.


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