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Progressive rock trio, Phantasm, has been well recognized all over the country for their ability to steal the attention from any crowd with their high energy, experimental take on live performing. While incorporating power tools, live looping, didgeridoo, and other auxiliary instruments into each set; Phantasm has created an intense, hard hitting, and outside of the box method for live entertainment.

Though the band now resides in Philadelphia; Phantasm had originally developed their fundamental sound while growing as a part of the Buffalo, New York music scene. As lyrically stated on their first EP from 2005. “From now on we’re doing things our own way.” Their music is fueled by powerful messages of acceptance, open mindedness and adventure taking chances, unafraid to go with or against the grain, depending on the moment. Musically, Phantasm is used to doing exactly what they want, they have stuck to this mantra for the past 12 years, and it has opened up a successful career for them.

With the help of a few catalytic fans, the boys of Phantasm built their own DIY promotional workhorse. Utilizing their talents, they've branched out of their hometown, gaining regional respect and dots of national attention along the way. 

After relocating to Philadelphia, Phantasm released their third album, Graph The Pulse recorded live in Brooklyn, New York. The songs sound heavy, raw and minimalistic. “We were listening to a lot of Dillinger Escape Plan, Refused, and Drive Like Jehu at the time.” explains drummer Jay Yachetta. “We wanted to make a big nasty record.” They definitely did.

Phantasm toured on their album Graph The Pulse within the U.S. many times over, and has shared the bill with several reputable artists such as Mos Def, Living Colour, Halestorm, Terrible Things, Closure In Moscow, The Sleeping, As Tall As Lions and many others. It wasn't long before the all-around presence of the band started to attract the attention of industry professionals as well as new audiences, and music venues.

After successfully tracking with multi-platinum engineer Earl Cohen (Lady Gaga, Pink, Nelly, Destiny's Child, Will Smith), Phantasm sought out the advice from bass legend Doug Wimbish (Living Colour) and Andre Betts (Madonna) to produce and release their last album Impossible Machines in 2014.

Jay Yachetta reflects on Impossible Machines:

“We have released albums before, but not like this.” says drummer Jay Yachetta. “The album had only been out for a week and people were already singing the songs back to us as we played.”


Phantasm continues to gain praise and popularity from critics and musicians alike while being completely self-managed, self-produced, and self-booked. They have collectively raised the musical bar with their Avant-Garde instrumentation, colorful vocal work, and a high energy live show. With onstage exploits, such as recording and sampling their own music live and using power tools for instruments, Phantasm has literally drilled themselves into the live rock scene in the US. They have over 800 shows under their belts and are not slowing down.


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